10cc Syringe, Luer Tip, 100/bx
2.5V Rechargeable Battery for CompacSet
20cc Syringe, Slip-Tip, 25/bx
3.5 V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope
3.5 V Diagnostic Otoscope
3.5 V Halogen Lamp for Diagnostic Otoscope
3.5 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Handle (Battery Not Included)
3.5 V Nasal Illuminator
3.5 V Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable Handle
3.5 V Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable/Convertible Handle
3.5 V Standard Ophthalmoscope
3.5V AutoStep Coaxial Ophthalmoscope
3cc Syringe, Slip-Tip, 100/bx
6" ACE Bandage, Rubber, 10/box
Adaptor, Universal Cuff, 22mm I.D. 50/cs
Adult Blood Pressure Cuff and One-Tube Bladder
Ankle Brace, Universal
Applicator, Mini Cotton-Tip, 6', 1000/box
Applicator, Wood, 6", 1000/box
Autoclave Pouches, 7.5x13, 200/box
Bandage, 3/4"x3", Flexible, 100/box
Bandage, Co-Lastic, 1"x5yds, Tan
Bandage, Conforming, 2"x75", Sterile, 12/box
Bandage, Conforming, 3"x5yd, 12 pkg
Bandage, Conforming, 6", Non-Sterile, 6/pkg
Bandage, Conforming, 6", Sterile, 6/pkg
Bandage, Conforming. 3", Sterile, 12/pkg
Bandage, Coverlet 3/4"x3", 100/box
Bandage, Coverlet Knuckle, 1.5"x3", 100/box
Bandage, Coverlet Oval 1-1/4, 100/box
Bandage, Coverlet Patch, 1.5"x2", 50/box
Bandage, Coverlet Small Fingertip, 100/box
Bandage, Coverlet Spot, 7/8" 100/box
Bandage, Crayola 5/8"x3", 100/box
Bandage, Fabric Adhesive Finger Tip, 1 3/4"x2", 100/box
Bandage, Knuckle, Flexible, 100/box
Bandage, Medi-Rip, 3", Self-Adhering, 12/box
Bandage, Medi-Rip, 4", Self Adhering, 12/box
Bandage, Oval, Flexible, 100/box
Bandage, Pink Ribbon, 3/4", 100/box
Bandage, Vital-Soft, 4"x5yd, 12/pkg
Bandages, Stars and Stripes, 3/4"x3", 50/box
Baum BP Wall Unit 33 w/Clip- Adult
BD Allergy Tray
Biogel Glove, Sz 6, 50/bx
Biogel Glove, Sz. 7.5, 50/bx
Blade, #316, Chisel, 12/box
Blood Pressure
Calcium Aginate Swab, 100/box
Capillary Tube, MicroHematocrit, Green Tip
Care Bear Procedure Mask w/earloop, 50/box
Catheter, Foley 14FR, 5cc, All Silicone
Catheter, Foley, 18FR, 5cc, All Silicone
Catheter, Foley, 20FR, 5cc, All Silicone
Catheter, Red Rubber, 18FR, Coude Tip
Catheter, Red Rubber, 20FR, Coude Tip
Child Blood Pressure Cuff and One-Tube Bladder
Child Blood Pressure Cuff and Two-Tube Bladder
Classic Style Hand Aneroid Pediatric Blood Pressure Kit
Clear Tape 3"x10yd. 4/box
Clear Tape, 2"x10yd. 6/box
Cloth Tape, 1/2"x10yd. 24/box
Cloth Tape, 2"x10yd, 6/box
Cloth Tape, 3"x10yd, 4/box
CompacSet - Rechargeable
Cotton Dental Rolls, 2000/box
Cover-Roll, 4"x10yd, Adhesive
Cover-Roll, 4"x10yd, Adhesive
Coverlet Eye Occlusor, 2"x3" 20/box
Critoseal Sealant
Crutch Cushion, Underarm
Cytology Brush, 8', 100/box
Diagnostic Instruments
Digital Equipment
Disposable Specula and Dispenser
Dressing Jar with Lid 3"x3"
Dressing Jar with Lid 4"x4", 1/ea
Dropper Bottle 1oz, Amber
Dropper Bottle, 2oz, Amber
ECG Skin Prep Pads, 100/box
Electrode Prep Pads, 100/box
Eye Pads, Oval, Sterile, 50/box
Finger Splint, Medium, Padded, 2-prong, 12/pkg
Formula One Glove, Latex, LP, Sterile, Size Medium, 100/bx
Formula One Glove, Latex, LP, Sterile, Size Small, 50/bx
Gauge and Multi-Cuff Kit
Gauze, 3x3, 8-ply, 200/pkg
Gauze, Vital-Soft 3"x6yd, 12/pkg
Glove Box Holder, Triple, Wire
Gold Series DS66 Trigger Aneroid
Goldnamer Ear Basin
Grape Tongue Depressor, 50/box
Hand-Held Scrub Brush
Handle Light System, 25/box
Heel Cup, Junior, 12/pk
Heel Cup, Tuli's Reg.
Holder for Glass Thermometer, Plastic
Hyfrecator Tip, Sharp, Non-Sterile, 100/box
I.V. Armboard, Wrist, Reusable
I.V. Connector, 50/cs
Incision & Drainage Tray
Inflation Bag, Adult, Double Tube
Inflation Bag, Adult, Single Tube
Inflation System, V-Lok, Newborn
Infusion Set, Winger, 21G x 3/4", 12" tubing, 50/bx
Inoculoop, 1ul, Blue, 25pk
Kleenspec Disposable Sheaths, 25/box
Knee Support, Medium
Large Adult Blood Pressure Cuff and Two-Tube Bladder
Lens Cover for Omron Ear Thermometer, 40/box
MacroView™ Otoscope with Insufflation Bulb
MacroView™ Otoscope with Throat Illuminator
MacroView™ Otoscope with Throat Illuminator and Insufflator Bulb
Master Elite Analyzer
Master Elite Distributor
Medi-Strips Wound Closure 50/box
Microscope Slides, Frosted, 72/box
Mylar Cartrige Tube, Kompak
Mylar Cartrige Tube, Standby
Mylar Cartrige Tube, Wall
Needle, 23Gx1 1/2", IM, 100/box
Needle, 25G x 5'/8", 100/bx
Needle, 25G x 7/8", Specialty-U, 100/bx
Needle, 26G x 3/8", 100/bx
Needle, 26G x 5/8", Sub-Q, 100/bx
Needle, 27G x 1", 100/bx
Needle, 30G x 1", 100/bx
Needle, 30G x 3/4", 100/bx
Needle, Integre, 25G x 5/8", 100/bx
Needle, Safety Glide, 18Gx1 1/2", 50/box
Needle, Vacutainer, 20Gx1", 100/box
Needle, Vacutainer, 22Gx1", 100/box
Needles - Syringes - Scalpels
Oral Medication Syringe, 5cc
Overstock Items
Oxygen Nipple & Nut Adapter, Green
Personna Double Edge Blade, 100/box
Plastic, Disposable, Apron, 28"x46"
PocketScope™ Ophthalmoscope (Head Only)
Printed Pill Envelope, 1000/box
Procedure Face Mask w/ Ties & Face Shield, 20/box
Resuscitation Mask, Large, Adult
Right Wrist Support, Medium
Scalpel #15, Disposable, 10/box
Scopette, Proctoswab, 16"
SensiGrip Glove, Latex, LP, Small, 100/bx
Skin-Prep Wipes, 50/box
Spinal Needle 22G x 3", Black, 25/bx
Spinal Needle, 22G x 2 1/2", 25/bx
Spinal Needle, 25G x 3", 25/bx
Spirettes, Easy One, 50/box
Sponge Bowl, 16 oz, Sterile
Staff Protection Kit
Sterilization Pouches 11x16, 100/box
Suture, 5-0, Ethilon, P-3, 12/box
Swab, Calcium Alginate, 1's, 100/box
Syringe 20ml Luer Lock, 40/bx
Syringe, 1ml, Luer Lock Tip, 100/bx
Syringe, 6cc, Luer Lock, Softpack, 100/bx
Syringe/Needle 3cc, 25G x 5/8", 100/bx
Syringe/Needle, 1cc, 26G x 1/2", 100/bx
Syringe/Needle, 1cc, 27G x 1/2", 100/bx
Syringe/Needle, 3cc, 20G x 1", 100/bx
Syringe/Needle, 3cc, 25G x 1", 100/bx
Syringe/Needle, 5cc, 21G x 1", 100/bx
Tensoplast Tape, 3", Tan
Test Tube Rack, White, 60 Place, Plastic
Test Tube Rack, White, 72 Space
Thermometer, Digital, Oral
Toe Nail Clipper without File
Tourniquet, Velcro, Leg
Tracheal Tube, 8.0mm, Cuffed, Murphy
Tube, 12mm x 75mm, 5ml, Poly, 25/pkg
Tycos® Classic Pocket Aneroid
Unna Boot, 3"x10yd
Unna Boot, 4"x10yd, w/calamine
Wallach Papette, 100/pkg
Wash Bottle, 250ml,l "Acetone", 5/pkg
Welch Allyn MacroView™ Otoscope
Wrist/Forearm Wrap, Left, Short
Wrist/Forearm Wrap, Right, Short
Zoll Defib Electrode, Stat-padz, Multi-Function, Adult